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Hack the Farm!

On this site you will find open source projects meant to assist with farming or life on the farm. Some of these projects will be made into a commercial products so watch out to be able to get them early! See below for the projected roadmap/timeline.

March 2024

Fied testing of 5 temperature pucks.

June 2024

Field testing of temperature pucks and first production run to start.

September 2024

Field Testing of the Open Grain monitor to be on-going.

December 2024

Open weather station and LoRa Dev planned to be started.

March 2025

Open Grain Monitor field testing planned to be done. Will start looking for select customers to do further testing.

Development on GIS soil tester to be started.

June 2025

Open Grain Monitor and GIS soil tester testing to be ongoing.

Any questions or concerns please email me at kody@farmhacks.ca