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Open Weather Station and App


The goal of this project is to create an open source weather station and make it easy for end users to set up. During the setup process the end user can choose to donate the data from their station in exchange for a free subscription to the weather app.

The weather app will be paid for by those who do not have a weather station donating data. It will provide accurate current data, but not prediction services. It will give alerts of drastic weather changes to users close to the location where the drastic weather change occurred (for instance if the wind picks up by 50km/hr in under 30 minutes).

The project goals from most important to least important are:

  1. Provide an open-source weather station for consumers to buy. Providing
  2. Create a platform that allows users who donate their data have access to everyone else’s data and allow other consumers to pay for it.
  3. Give alerts out to people within a certain area about drastic or potentially dangerous changes in weather close to them.
  4. Possibly combine this data with prediction models, and other data to give forecasts as well.

This project is an idea a friend from the lake has had for a while and I have got more motivated lately after a plow wind came in with now warning and the weather apps said that it was only 15 km/hr during that wind.